Has it ever happened to you to take the most wonderful opportunity of your life from a bad accident or a crisis?

It happened to me twice, and the second is the reason for my presence here with you.

I lived in the world. It is the norm for a flight attendant, a reality that only a cabin crew can understand. I was buying the softest cereal bread in Germany, the freshest mangoes in the Philippine markets, I was going on  boat in front of the Sidney Opera House, shopping in the center of Dublin and I was going to pole dancing lessons in the gyms behind the hotels in Manila, Melbourne and Manchester (remember this detail!)

Imagine suddenly, in a moment much shorter than the one which forced us into quarantine, not being able to walk, work, dance anymore: it was not an office job, you had to be impeccable to be able to work; even a common cold turned into 40 of fever, you had to heal in 48 hours in order not to make the return flight become a drama, or worse having to stay in the hotel room until completely recovered, after having lost half the salary for a nose dripping …

Because I wanted to go back to work as soon as possible, to the job I loved so much, the emotions started to invade my mind, the situation got worse until I got it into my head that for an astral combination my time to go back home was come, to start a stable life supported by a company you can count on.

After having lived so distant, contrasting, fascinating realities, the difficulty in living again the long-awaited normality was to still find charm in what I was doing, to go home and know that in one day I had learned something stimulating and interesting for my growth and I also helped someone.

There was a short moment when the world came back to me! The fashion-tourism sector led me to breathe for a while, remembering all the trips with customers from the same places where I had lived.

Then again, suddenly, this breath is taken away: everything seemed surreal, yet the time had come to confront ourselves with such strangeness. Whether people like it or not, I always see the positive side of tragedies and, for those who don’t like it, they won’t be still here to read me.

So I started traveling into myself and after spending my birthday alone like most pisces, aries and taurus in this year, I realized that I could do something more: loving, loving doing my job, a work that comes from my skills and passions and is engaging and helpful for all those who share my same interests.

I clearly remember the feeling of my return to Florence by plane before the lockdown, when the captain announced that he was operating the last flight to Italy; the same tears broke out when returning from the Arab Emirates when I decided to leave the aviation World. So I started to wonder: why do I have to suffer so much to have a normal life, if my soul finds comfort in the whole World, in the unknown?

Since the accident, I could no longer find my strengths at work, then, at the beginning of the quarantine, I ran into an online web marketing course and decided to build my future by relying on the activities I could not live without; I remembered that the purpose of my layovers as cabin crew had become dance lessons to discover the different techniques of each continent and I linked it to a sentence that a teacher, a few days before, said: “It would be nice if there was someone who could go to the workshops for me! “

I started to think that I could allow those who do not have the same courage, to travel virtually in the digital era where you can live in the world and you can give way to local realities to open up and feed on new ideas. That’s how I started to shape, idea after idea, Annysteps, a creature full of energy who believes in the possibility of improving together, building the future on the basis of sharing our skills, our nature and the fulfillment of our desires, thus managing to make a contribution to others by expressing the best of oneself.

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