relationship with contest

The project has born in a period in which we need to work for the lack of speed of re-adaptation in the technological processes of Italian society anchored to tradition. This need must be satisfied by collaborating with modern Chinese technology, in order to grow together in a very near future in which an important space is reserved to technological progress.


Next to the great Angolan masters of kizomba (dance of African origin born in the early 80s) there is very often an Italian woman, dancer, who playes as the stabilizing role of the school: the dance is the symbol of the Italian female entrepreneurship, an art with which the most creative and determined women of the peninsula grew up.

The pole-dancing, an acrobatic dance that uses a pole for levers and choreography and in 2010 became a real sport, it is mostly a purely female activity and allows the woman to assert herself through her own self-determination and individual choice.