Mission & Vision


We aim to emphasize the beneficial nature of some dance disciplines: pole dancing has considered as a sport among the most complete for the development of a healthy and athletic body; the beneficial component of kizomba comes from the calm emotional state of mind achieved as a result of body movements that let enjoy and, through the embrace, stimulate well-being and smile.

Through the union of different communities, we express a harmonious link with our body and with “the other” that is the basis of these disciplines.

The ultimate goal is the search for valid teachers who know how to best shape the potential of each individual student, giving space to different reference models, among which we hope everyone will find the suitable person who communicates their techniques in the right way and allows to achieve tangible results.


Become a central reference for all the actors that play around the world of dance, facilitating exchanges of innovations, teachings and professional training distant learning based on mutual knowledge and respect, making them accessible to all students.