Artists from Far East


An Urban Kiz dancer and teacher who started his journey with Kizomba in March 2018 during the China Kizomba Congress in Shanghai. He became familiar with Kizomba in 2017, he was very quickly introduced to the real world of Kizomba till he fell in love with Urban Kiz and Tarraxo. having in mind the goal to master this dance, he took many classes with well known teachers around the world, like his close friend and mentor Sanjay MJ who coached him through the world of Tarraxo. Based in Hangzhou, China, David with his team also commute to different cities to share their knowledge of Urban Kiz. David and his partner love to share their passion for dance and connection and how to embody the emotion and energy of this amazing dance and its community: that’s the aim in collaborating with these enchanting people, our commone willing to share more with anyone of interest while creating the right network around the world to expand our knowledge and passions.


We are all instantly attracted by the energy of this young Master who has already reached so many countries in the World with his talent!!

*Learn from “The Master of Dance Musicality”

*20 times Asian Champion

*Taught in more than 150 Destinations and many popular Festivals. 

*Kizomba, Tarraxinha, Afro House *Tarraxo, Urban Kiz

*Bachata, Hip-hop, Popping & Indian Dances

* Intensive Training in Musicality, Foundation, Technique, Styling, Choreography, Social dancing & Freestyling Concepts.


I discover Lele, Kizomba dancer and teacher, having a deep connection with ANNYSTEPS project, since she fell in love with dancing while studying in China. This fierce dancer from Poland and a former bachata lover, got introduced to Kizomba for the first time during one of the dance festivals in Shanghai and she instantly started taking numerous workshops from many international teachers; being mentored by the kizomba star and international dance artist Sanjay MJ, she has been teaching and spreading her love for this dance and inspiring many people.  

Known for her insane body movement & Ladies Styling classes, her goal is to teach self-love and self-confidence through this beautiful dance and heal. Her styles vary from Kizomba, Tarraxinha, Tarraxo, Afro House, to Bachata Dominican & Sensual. Her students in China admire her teachings, I believe we will be all excited learning from this upcoming star!